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The Science of Smarter Golf

Perfect Read is a groundbreaking new system for reading golf greens that combines updated physics models and innovative tools to transform your short game.

Redefining putting for all golfers

Updated physics. Transformative tools. Perfect Read’s innovative new system gives every golfer the ability to overcome even the most complex greens. Join a supportive community of golfers committed to achieving better results and see how Perfect Read is changing the game.

Perfect Read is designed to

Help you understand each green

Improve your putting accuracy

Give you more freedom at the pin

Overcoming challenges across skill levels

Difficulty reading greens accurately

Our method combines scientific rigor and innovative tools to give you a clear way to evaluate and overcome the course.

Lack of confidence in short game

Perfect Read will transform your short game and give you the confidence you need to perform your best on the green.

Frustration with inconsistency

By using our groundbreaking method, you'll achieve greater consistency in your game, resulting in more enjoyment and better scores.

See how it works

Universally Accepted

Our device can be used in major tournaments

The Smarter Way To Read Greens

What makes Perfect Read different?

Reading golf greens is a challenge for many golfers due to incomplete or inaccessible methods. At Perfect Read, we’ve simplified and improved the process, giving you the knowledge to play your best game.

Gain the Skills and Knowledge to Read Any Green

Get Guidance That Will Increase Your Accuracy

Revolutionize Your Approach to Putting

Experience the Thrill of True Progress in Your Golf Skills

Our Promise to You

At Perfect Read, we believe golf is a game of precision and strategy, and putting is no exception. Our systematic approach to green reading helps customers improve their ability to determine critical factors needed to read the green. Providing golfers with this tool will support growth and development, taking their putting skills to the next level as they are able to determine The Perfect Read.

– Mike & Kevin

Original Green Reader

– Brand New Revolutionary Design

– Precision Machine Cut to Perfection

– Easy to Carry, Fits In Pocket or Bag

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